5th edition errata & updates

Wil Resing has forwarded me the following corrections & updates:

– page 144: hotel Ibis in Huye/Butare is still being renovated, but the hotel and restaurant are open. There is even a terrace, but you can’t see it from the street. The owner told me he hoped to open the new building in March or April, but you never know…
– in Karongi/Kibuye I rented a normal private taxi to bring me to the Bisesero genocide memorial. But after more than an hour on the bad road along Lake Kivu, we got stuck in the mud, as it had rained the night before. There is not many trafic on that road from Kibuye to Cyangugu. I have seen some motor taxis, but those had serious problems with the mud too. If you want to go to Bisesero, I guess it is best be done during a dry period, or else you need a good 4wd with high clearing.

– page 57, “internet, email and fax: Rwanda has become AN REGIONAL LEADER. “An” should be “a”
– page 89, Kigali map: Place de l’Unité National, should be Nationale.
– page 187: “near the sports stadium, you will see a sign announcing more than 10000 people …”. I could not find that sign and did not even see the stadium. I think it disappeared, there are works going on at that spot now, I think they are enhancing the nearby hospital.
– page 187: with Capital bus at Nyabugogo bus station I payed 2,500 francs for the stretch Kigali-Kibuye. Kigali-Gitarama is 2,000 francs.
– page 187: arriving at Karongi, “there are sometimes some bicycle taxis”. There are lots of motor taxis that can ride you around town.
– page 254, “trekkers should bring their own camping equipment”, whereas a bit lower my text says it is possible “to rent a tent”. This sounds a bit contradictory. (Note from PB – so far as I’m aware it is not possible to rent a tent)
– page 267, map Ngoma = “Kibungo”, whereas the small map of the town centre says “Kibungu”. Should be Kibungo.
– page 318: second column, Huye continued, Security is page 142 in stead of 132, Where to stay is page 142-5 in stead of 132-5.


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