Emeraude Kivu Resort at Rusizi/Cyangugu

I just received an email from the new & very upmarket-looking Emeraude Kivu Resort at Rusizi/Cyangugu to say:

Emeraude Kivu Resort is open from Wednesday 5th June 2013

The resort is located on the shore of Lake Kivu, Rusizi District on the beautiful peninsula of Karambo where the sunset is exceptional.

From the balcony of each room, you will watch fishers setting and pulling their nets from the calm water of Lake Kivu.

Promotional rates at the opening are as follows

single including breakfast: 75,000 frw/night (120 us $)

double including breakfast: 85,000 frw/night (135 us $)

single full board: 99,000 frw/night (160 us $)

double full board: 133,000 frw/night (210 us $)

For more details, contact them at tel: +250 787 010900 ; email : emeraudekivu@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “Emeraude Kivu Resort at Rusizi/Cyangugu

  1. stephbetteridge says:

    The Emeraude is indeed a beautiful hotel, by far the best in the area and the only one that nears western standards. Not surprisingly, the prices for food and drink are slightly more than the other local hotels, but for the improved surroundings, views of the lake, good wifi it is worth it if you can stretch to it. The prices are currently still the same, however the “single” is actually a double bed, and the “double” is a twin room, with either 2 doubles or 4ft’s- I am unsure. It is currently rather unknown by local taxi and mototaxi drivers, but if you ask for the Iposita (post office), it is down a small track to the left of this building (which has an old looking sign labelling is as the Avenue de Residence). You will see their newly built tent hut’s (not sure on prices but they come with their own fixed structure ensuites) then the hotel just next door. The staff are lovely, the manager and owner both very keen to make the hotel a success.

  2. John K says:

    The Emeraude really is a lovely hotel. I live in Rwanda and regularly visit for food, drink + some r ‘n’ r. It offers a very tranquil spot, with stunning views, attentive and friendly service as well as great food and drink. You do pay for the ambiance but in my opinion, it is well worth it.

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