Amahoro Tours, Musanze

Over the past couple of weeks, we have received a number of disturbing allegations from former supporters, fundraisers, volunteers and other associates of Amahoro Tours (as recommended in several previous editions of the Bradt Guide to Rwanda) concerning the practises of the company and the legitimacy of various associated charitable programs such as Red Rocks.

It is clearly not our place to publicise or to pass judgement on any such allegations. However, based on what we have been told, we can assert that the recommendation of Amahoro Tours on p219-20 of the 5th edition will be deleted from any future editions of Bradt Rwanda.

Thanks – the Bradt team


2 thoughts on “Amahoro Tours, Musanze

  1. Mitchell Merwe says:

    I have been travelling with Amahoro tours for the last 10 years and when I read the demeaning article in Bradt books about the company, it was difficult to believe their sincerity. The author obviously made no effort to contact the Rwanda Development board (RDB) or even worse still, the owner before issuing its condemnation of the company.
    Many people travel to help various host communities and others it appear just do so to make it difficult for others. From personal knowledge, Greg Bakunzi, the owner of Amahoro tours, has done a lot for his community, therefore the least Bradt books could have done was to make a genuine effort to contact the local population as well as the district authorities to get the facts before its negative review.
    If this information were obtained from legitimate sources such as the Rwanda Development
    board who is in charge of all tourism activities in Rwanda then there would have been some basis for the article. This was not done. As a travel writer you influence travellers with you views and have a professional obligation to give them the facts not the perceptions of just the writer. This approach thus reduces the credibility of Bradt books as a reliable source of information for would be travellers.

    Many people who travel to African countries think they meet impoverished people who are also ignorant and when they see the opposite, jealousy emerges when an individual works hard to improve the welfare of his people.
    When I planned to travel to Rwanda for the first time, many of my friends discouraged my about visiting a country where people were being killed. Rwanda is the safe country and its people are hard working.
    My advice to my fellow travellers is not to mislead others. I suggest that Bradt books contact the National tourism office and get its facts straight and withdraw its comments until this is done.
    I know Greg Bakunzi personally have recently visited his country, I wish to express my disappointment and also object the allegations about him.

    • philipbriggs says:


      You are gibbering!

      It is quite obvious that both myself and the Bradt guide are promoting a broadly positive image of Rwanda and Africa generally. This post was about withdrawing a recommendation in the Bradt guide for one specific company after I received a barrage of negative reports from half a dozen former supporters, fundraisers and other associates of that company. These were also clearly not ‘the perceptions of just the writer’, in fact they do not reflect my personal perception at all, but allegations forwarded to me and backed up by people whose judgement I trust.

      Nothing in your comment refutes my concerns. The fact you know Greg is beside the point – everybody knows some people, so what? – as is your cheap, emotive and frankly quite irrational attempt to link a guidebook that promotes Rwanda is a thoroughly positive way with negative images of poverty, ignorance and people being killed.

      As I have stated, I will withdraw the recommendation for Amahoro Tours from the next edition of the Bradt guide. Once that is published, this post will have outlived its usefulness and I will delete it.


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