Musanze Caves update

Tapani writes:

Musanze Caves are still not officially open, I was told at the park headquarters in Kinigi that they were otherwise ready but they had to wait for Kigali office to decide the entry fee.  After a little negotiation and a call to the park warden, however, they decided to let me in anyway, and provided me with a guide and helmet – for free!
They wouldn’t even accept a donation I offered, apparently being too afraid of corruption charges.
(The guide accepted a small tip at the end though.)


One thought on “Musanze Caves update

  1. wendy phillips says:

    Just visited in October. You must apply through the Park ranger office and there is now a “fee” of $50US! Still a difficult place to find but the ranger (whom you pick up at the park headquarters) will ride in your vehicle with you. They insist you wear their rain gear, gloves, hard hats with head lights and knee pads (?) – in case you fall apparently, and carry one of their large flashlights. At the cave there was a caretaker who actually led us through but was not wearing any of the protective gear.
    It was amazing and lots of bats at the end, but not a lot of info other than “lava caves formed during the volcanic eruptions of a long time ago”, and used by the militia during the genocide. The many animal bones and graffiti were remnants of the workers who built the footpath.
    I wondered if the caves had ever been excavated. If they’ve been around since the cenozoic it’s likely that early human populations knew of them and used them, not to mention animals. As the last ice age passed Rwanda by, who knows what evidence might have been found had most of the cave floor not now been buried by tons of rocks to make the path.
    What a shame.

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