Map corrections & birding updates

Florian writes:

I went to Rwanda with 5 friends in June. Your Guide (5th Edition) offered us very useful information! Thanks a lot for that!

Some updates/corrections for you:
-page 174 (Nyungwe NP): We stayed at Gisakura Guesthouse and wanted to watch some birds and monkeys at the Gisakura Tea Estate (“forest patch with colobus monkeys”). Therefore we got up early in the morning but some rangers prohibited us to leave the guesthouse before 6 am. When we arrived at the forest patch (6.30 am) we didn’t see any animal. Although we walked around the patch on the road, which encircles the patch, and used binouculars we didn’t see anything.
-page 244 (Volcano NP): Fortunately we saw a variety of exotic birds at the backyard of the La Paillotte Gorilla Place in Kinigi, where we also stayed two nights;-)
-page 140 (Huye): Hotel Barthos is not situated in the south of the Genocide Memorial (you mapped it there) but 150 meters to the north of the Memorial.
-page 200 (Rubona): Paradis Malahide is not situated to the east of the Restaurant Touristique (you mapped it there) but 100 meters to the west of the “Touristique”


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