Akagera Park – Northern entrance closed

Marie-Louise Beerling writes:

The Northern gate of the park is now closed – for both entry AND exit ! There is only ONE entry and exit point : the main entrance gate in the South (near the Lodge). This information is not widely communicated. We only learned about it when registering at the park’s reception. We arrived at 5 PM one day, planning to spend the night in the Lodge, drive through the park from south to north the following day, and return to Kigali via the tarmac road on the same day. Finding out that this was no longer possible came as a bad a surprise. If we wanted to see the Northern plain/valley, we would have to drive up 4 hours (100 km), then drive back another 4 hours (100 km) – a total of 8 hours and 200 km. Driving back to Kigali afterwards would not be very realistic, so we were practically obliged to spend two nights in the Lodge, and pay entrance fees to the park for two days. In money terms, it means spending twice as much (320 $ as opposed to 160 $ for two persons), pretty awkward if you haven’t anticipated it, and the Lodge still does not accept credit card payments … The new policy also implies it is wise to arrive in the park fully fueled up, since there is no possibility to buy fuel inside the park and the nearest petrol station is 35 km away in Kabarondo.


One thought on “Akagera Park – Northern entrance closed

  1. Sarah Hall says:

    The north gate was closed, initially due to flooding earlier in the year but then intentionally kept closed as the management considered the future of the north of the park and how best to approach the plans for this area consistent with the long-term vision and conservation objectives for the park. The north gate has been open since 1st November 2013 but as an EXIT ONLY gate. Road signage was put up alerting visitors coming from Kigali and Nyagatare to the closure and signage about the EXIT ONLY policy is also now in place. For more info on the north gate and reasons behind the decision, please visit the Akagera website: http://www.african-parks.org/Blog_94_The+North+Gate+of+Akagera+National+Park+to+re-open+under+new+conditions.html

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