News from Rwandan Adventures & Congo-Nile Hiking Trail

Tom Tofield of Rwanda Adventures writes:

We have now opened a second branch of Rwandan Adventures in Karongi/Kibuye (tel: +250 (0)78 657 1414), based near Hotel Golf and the Bralirwa depot. It offers the following services: self-guided bicycle tours, guided bicycle tours, guided walking tours & guided boat tours. An important practical implication of opening it is that you can now collect a bike from us in Karongi/Kibuye and return it in Rubavu/Gisenyi (or vice versa) without any extra charges. For more details visit

Note also that the Congo-Nile Trail was recently renamed the Thousand Hills Tour, and that it is a free product, though we’ve heard of some companies charging walkers a fake ‘community fee’ of US$25 per person per day. The only service you should pay for is guides, porters & transport (bicycle or car) as required.


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