Detailed updates for Huye (Butare)

Many thanks to Tina Sloane for these very detailed updates for Huye


Accommodation p. 142

Hotel Barthos has a restaurant / bar attached serving the usual brochettes.

Motel du Mont Huye is still best value place to stay in Huye, and the garden area often attracts monkeys!

Motel Ineza has been renamed (need to revisit to remember the new name, sorry) It is signposted under new name from main road. The email address therefore no longer works but the telephone number stands. I was disappointed in the motel – it was not as clean as I have come to expect of Rwandan hotels, even budget ones, and there was no running water during our stay. The room was hot to the point of stuffy. Rooms are 6,000 for a single bed (8,000 if you squeeze two people in) and 8,000 for a 3/4 bed, 10,000 for double occupancy.

Where to eat and drink p. 146

CXC Coffee Shop is still as described – bargain coffee!

Cheers Coffee and Fast Food no longer exists, unless it has moved.

Hotel Faucon restaurant serves standard fare, not sure it is particularly “good” or “varied.”

Hotel Ibis renovation is complete, so the restaurant and terrace both have very pleasant open air sections but there is no real sign of period décor any more. I would argue the food is probably the best in Huye (better than the very good Chinese even!) – they serve tasty snacks including spiced beefburgers, pizzas, salads and sandwiches  as well as more substantial roast chicken and beef dishes. All the food is very reasonable priced, snacks are 2-3,000 and more substantial dishes are 6-9,000. They also serve a good breakfast buffet for 3,000.

Inzozi Nziza is still serving the best (and only!) ice cream in town.


There is karaoke on a Saturday night at the top of the building diagonally opposite from the Chinese – follow the noise!

National museum of Rwanda p.148

Perhaps most impressive are the traditional houses which have been built in the grounds but are poorly signposted so be sure to head around the back on a visit.


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