Nyungwe National Park practicalities

Many thanks to Tina Sloane for these very detailed updates for Nyungwe Forest National Park:


I arrived by bus, and felt this chapter somewhat overplayed the difficulty of getting around without a car:

Getting there, the bus from Huye (or Kigali) to Rusizi will stop anywhere along the main road in the forest if you warn the driver. You will however have to pay the full 5,000 fare for the journey. When booking in Huye or Kigali simply ask for a return and explain where you will be getting on so the seats are reserved. The advantage of booking with Sotra Tours is they have a booth at the bottom of the hill which Nyungwe Top View Hill Hotel is on (5mins from Gisakura guesthouse) so you can ensure they warn the driver to stop for you!

Nyungwe forest lodge, Nyungwe Top View Hill Hotel, Gisakura Guesthouse, KCCEM and Uwineka campsite are all short walks from the main road. Although it is easier to access the activities which start at the reception center nearest to your accommodation when I inquired about other activities the park rangers were happy to arrange a car for $100 or a moto for 10,000rwf to take me to canopy from Gisakura, wait for me and take me back – so all the activities were in effect accessible.

Park fees p.157
Still operating the Byzantine fee structure I am afraid! Waterfall walk has its only price now – $50 for nonresidents and $40 for foreign residents.
A trip to colobus monkeys is also separately priced – $60 for nonresidents and $40 for foreign residents. As they are both in their own category now it is not possible to benefit from discounts for combining them with other activities.

Accommodation p. 167
Nyungwe Top View Hill Hotel is now $200 for a double and the drinks are heavily marked up, even compared to other hotels, but the location makes this a stunning place to stay and worth every penny.

Trails and activities p.170
Despite visiting in low season, activities were going on throughout the afternoon (at the times given in guidebook) including after lunch.


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