Budget accommodation & tours in Bujumbura (Burundi)

The following may be of interest to travellers heading across from Rwanda to Burundi:

A new budget guest house has opened in Bujumbura. It is called Kigobe Guest House and its management states that it offers affordable accommodation starting from $10 a night in a secure and clean environment within walking distance (250m) of public transport and a swimming pool & fitness centre. It also gas a bar-restaurant, mini-supermarket and internet cafe.

The location is Av. Murembwe No. 1, Q. KIGOBE (near the new US Embassy), tel: +25722277860, mob +25777719344 or +25779939595, email: guesthousek@gmail.com or cyberungika@gmail.com.

It is managed by Gorilla Adventure Safaris, which also arranges chimpanzee tracking in the Rwegura Sector of Kibira National Park and other cultural tours within Burundi. It can also provide good information on chimpanzee tracking in Gombe Stream National Park in the west of Tanzania (south of Burundi).  See http://www.gorillaadventuresafaris.com for further details.


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