Aug 2014 trip report

Kevin Sullivan writes:

I have just returned after a couple of rewarding weeks in Rwanda. A few updates for you to note.

If you wish to visit Remera Heroes’ Cemetery(pg.114) in Kigali you will need a permit from some government office to do so. You will be turned away at the gate if you show up without it.

To make a trip to Nyamata by bus(pg.122) you will need to go to Nyabugogo to get the bus. Sotra Tours do not run a service from Rue Mont Kabuye in the city centre. Also, one needs to be extremely prepared for walking in to the church in Nyamata. Of all the genocide sites that I visited (Kibye, Kigali, Butare, Murambi) this is the most overpowering one of them all.

I walked a number of days along The Congo-Nile Trail at an average pace of 6 kms per hour. These are the times it took to go from the named places:
Rubavu to Kigufi (Maison St Benoit)- 1hr 40′
Kigufi to Cyimbiri – 4 hrs
Cyimbiri to Kinunu – 2 hrs 40′
Kinunu to Musasa Base Camp – 2 hrs 5′
Musasa Base Camp to Musasa Village – 55′

Your guide gives the following times and in brackets afterwards I have put the time it actually took:
Rubavu to Rwinyoni, 8hrs (5 hrs)
Rwinyoni to Kinunu, 8 hrs 30′ (3 hrs 10′)
Kinunu to Musasa Base Camp, 6 hrs (2 hrs 5′)

Your guide was essential for the trip so many thanks!


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