Detailed 5th edition updates

Alistair writes:

Please find below some updates to the 5th edition of Rwanda:


General info:

P36  Burundi embassy info confusing. The address given is different to where it is shown on map on page 81 – which is actually the correct place to go for visas

p47 ATMs all over nowadays

P51 why not differentiate between the mini vans and mini buses (express). the mini vans are cramped and uncomfortable but the mini buses are very comfortable by using these descriptors. often the mini buses leave from different places than the mini-bus
P54 I do not know what your descriptor of local eatery is but “mellange” in many of the places I eat in was between Rfr300 and 700 – BoraBora Ruhango Rfr300, Kibuye and Rubona both Rfr500 in July 2014)
P56 I think you need to make more of the warning on Umaganda Day – not only is there no transport nationally but everything is closed until after 11.00. This means you can not get any breakfast if your hotel does not provide and in addition you can not plan to visit places such as the national museum in Butare in the morning.



Lovely walk. take the road that leads out of Kibuye from the town (the one that leads nowhere in your box) and just before national police turn left up the path past the school and follow the path through the villages



Might be worth checking out some of the many guest houses in Remera that are on same road as Alpha Palace – there are many. Personally I use the Amani. Very close to the airport which will appeal to many.
Mr Chips shut
For anyone missing pork, go to Kubabenz (f6 onp81 – coming from centre turn right on road marked which is just past the Italian Supermarket and it is on right just after the bend in road in Primus Blue)
To get to Bambino park (p111) take any town bus to Kabuga (from town or Remera or Nyambogo) and ask for Bambino park
To get to State mansion (p114)take any town bus to Kanombe (from town or Remera or Nyambogo) and get off at terminus by the hospital and continue up the road about 100 yards and turn left (the bus often turns here and may drop you there). To get back you need to walk back past the hospital and continue further to find the bus



Ruhango is a great place for walks in the countryside through the hills and communes just choose a path or track and follow it. The best walks were the ones on the left hand side of the road coming from Kigali and well worth a few days exploring the different paths.

All buses now use the revamped taxi park not the main road



One thought on “Detailed 5th edition updates

  1. Liz says:

    Mr. Chips has a location in kimihurura (and also delivers using but, Alistair is correct that the location at Sonotubes in the 5th edition is closed.

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