Jan 2015 trip report

Vincent writes:


La Corniche in Rubavu has recently been extended and renovated, giving it more rooms than the four you mention.

Congo – Nile trail

The hike is great, but the walking time mentioned in the description seems overestimated for any reasonably fit hikers. There are decent guesthouses in Cyimbiri, Kinunu and Bumba. Musasa is nothing but a very simple campsite. A four day hike with the following stages seems convenient:
-Rubavu / Rubona – Cyimbiri (6 hours)
-Cyimbiri – Kinunu (3 to 4 hours)
-Kinunu – Bumba (this is a long hike, with a 2 hour hike uphill at the end). The guesthouse in Bumba is basic, but the manager is a great guy.
-Bumba – Rubengera

Practically, it is possible to use a motorcycle to carry your luggage from one point to another. The guesthouse managers can assist you with that.

We’ve noticed that the children along the way all tried to get their hands on our water bottles. We’ve been “robbed” once by the most audacious one. It might be a good idea to mention in the guide NOT to give any money, candy, etc. to the children. One has to be careful at the Nkora market; little children’s hands tend to check out your pockets.

the New Cactus restaurant doesn’t seem to exist anymore
at the end of the road where the Serena hotel is located, there is a military camp where one can visit the site where 10 belgian para-commando’s were brutally murdered in 1994. This is free of charge.


The Matar Supermarket and the Cheers Coffee & Fast Food went up in flames a couple of months ago


The Chinese are putting tarmac on the stretch of the road that runs through Nyungwe.


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