Amahoro Tours and Red Rocks, Musanze

A couple of years back, we have received a number of disturbing allegations from former supporters, fundraisers, volunteers and other associates of Amahoro Tours concerning the practises of the company and the legitimacy of various associated charitable programs such as Red Rocks.

As we posted at the time: “It is clearly not our place to publicise or to pass judgement on any such allegations. However, based on what we have been told, we can assert that the recommendation of Amahoro Tours will be deleted from any future editions of Bradt Rwanda.”

Due to internal miscommunication, this never actually happened. Amahoro Tours and Red Rocks are listed on page 227 and 225 of the 6th edition of Bradt Rwanda, and both companies also advertise in the book. Once again, however, I would like to assert that both will be removed from any reprints of the 6th edition, as well as from future editions.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Thanks – the Bradt team


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