Karisoke Exhibit, Musanze


A new ‘gorilla exhibit’ at Karisoke Research Centre, which was founded by Dr. Dian Fossey almost 50 years ago and is currently located in Musanze town, is now open to the public. It provides a variety of information, photographs, videos, historic objects and interactive activities about gorilla conservation and the centre’s work, and is designed to complement the experience of gorilla-trekking.

The exhibit consists of seven sections:

* Gorillas: Overview, behavior, life history of mountain gorillas
* Dian Fossey and the history of Karisoke
* Conservation and challenges
* Biodiversity: Other animals and plants in the forest
* Working with local communities
* The Virunga mountains
* Grauer’s gorillas in eastern Congo

It is currently open to the public Monday-Friday from 2-4 p.m. and is available for guided tours by appointment.

For more details see https://gorillafund.org/unique-exhibit-at-karisoke-now-open-to-public/



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