January 2017 trip report

Gaëlle writes:
I’m just back from a trip in Rwanda. Your book was very useful. Thank you. Here are a few comments that can help other travellers :
1) Accomodation:
– Lake Muhazi
We discovered a beautiful and remote hotel on the southern lakeshore : Muhazi Water Sport
I’d put it amoung “budget hotels”
A 4×4 car with is adviced.
– Home Saint-Jean, Kibuye.
We loved it. They also have an apartment with 3 bedrooms. Great for families! 70’000 for 6 persons for one night.
– La Caverne, Kigali.
We stayed at their apartment but it’s probably not used very often and not in good shape. People working there were not very useful and friendly.
– Auberge Beau-Sejour, Kigali
Very helpful and friendly staff. Good rooms.
2) Bus from Kigali to Kibuye
We traveled to Kibuye with a private minibus company (Ugusenga Express. Rfr2,510).
We were adviced to go to Nyabugogo station the day before our departure to buy our tickets, then to come 30minutes before departure. It was perfect.
It’s important to tell the travelers that there is very little room for luggage in the minibuses. Everything is stored under our seat on our knees. We left some luggage to an Hotel in Kigali for a a few days.
3) Akagera
We were impressed by the Staff professionalism and readiness to help. Beautiful experience.
We spent the night at Shakani campsite (the only unfenced campsite) and wish we had more advice about the danger on sleeping on an unfenced campsite.
We loved the place, it was wonderful. However, we were really scared during the night when we heard an elephant breaking branches just next to our tent and barring several times.
It’s only the day after that night that the guide told us we should have made a big fire through the whole night to keep elephants away and that we were told there was a dangerous elephant within the Park. Staff people didn’t really understand why we slept there but no one clearly told us in advance it was unsecure.
We shouldn’t have slept there if we had been told the risks of sleeping on an unfenced campsite. It’s maybe obvious to some people, but not for everyone ! And the noise of the hippos during the night was quite impressive (although I’m usually not easily scared!)
Apart from that, the tent we rented was perfect, and good to 5-6 persons. There is firewood available on each campsite.
4) Boat trips, Kibuye, Lake Kivu
There is no more restaurant on Peace Island (see p. 198), but we were told you can ask to local authorities to camp there.
There are many motorized boats waiting for tourists to go to the islands. We find them close to the Golf Eden Rock.

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