KCCEM Guesthouse and other news from Nyungwe MP

We visited Nyungwe NP for a weekend and I have some additional information on visiting this beautiful park. We stayed at KCCEM (in the Bradt) which is simple in lodging and food, but has a mignificant view over the teaplantations of Kitabi. From KCCEM on the eastern boundary it is an hour drive to the Uwinka Reception Centre – they are working on the road, so this might be faster in future. You should make a reservation if you want to do trekking, because when we arrived there at 9 o’clock all the guides were gone (Jovit 0788956164 or 0788841079 / 0788506216 / 0788591067 / 0788436763). They did find a guide for us in the end, but it took a lot of time.. I made a reservation befor hand at RDB but they didn’t sent my reservation to the reception centre in Nyungwe.

I took the following list of trail starting times from the Uwinka reception centre:

– Imbaraga trail – 9am
– Umuyove (pink trail) and Umugote (blue) – 9am / 1pm
– Igishigishi and Buhoro trails – 9am / 11am / 1pm / 3pm
– Irebero (yellow trail) – 9am / 11am / 2pm
– Karamba bird trail – 6am / 2pm
– Ngabwe trail – book one day ahead (because there is no guide at the Kitabi Reception Centre normally, they have to sent someone there to take you)
– Bigugu trail – 9am (you need to have a car)
– Waterfall / Amasumo trail – 9am / 1pm
– Kamiranzovu swamp trail – 9am / 1pm (you need to have a car)

Long trails (> 5km) cost 50 USD and shorter trails cost 40 USD (including park entrance fee). For other primates it is 70 USD. They rangers track down the primate groups in the morning, and it is possible to decide which trail you want to do depending on the location of the primates. As long as you book a guide in advance (in high season).

We did the long trail (Imbaraga) which is beautiful with 4 waterfalls on the way. No monkeys on the trail that day. We did see them on the road back to KCCEM and baboons next to our bedrooms.

Enjoy your visit!

Lenka Niewenhuis


4 thoughts on “KCCEM Guesthouse and other news from Nyungwe MP

  1. Alexander says:

    Stayed at the KCCEM guesthouse in January. Can be very cold in the evening, if it’s windy. Accomodation is simple but straightforward, and the restaurant is enjoyable.
    We tried a room reservation (as always only with given name 🙂 ) but that didn’t work. Got our rooms nevertheless, as there were plenty free.

    We also did the Mt. Ngabwe trail next to the eastern park entrance, rather near to the guesthouse. Booked it at Uwinka beforehand but on the next day nobody knew of it. But as the Kitabi national park office is directly on top of the guesthouses, one should just go there and book it this way.

    They helped us nevertheless and after fourty minutes another guide came on short notice. He couldn’t speak English or French, though. But: with hands, feet, Kinyarwanda and some onomatopoeia we had an enjoyable and informative (!) hike nevertheless. Thanks, Phineas! 🙂

  2. gabriele says:

    Hi there, I am planning trip to Nyungwe in October> All your advise are so good> Can you provide me with the contact to this guesthouse, it sounds affordable and people are nice and helpful

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