Minibus-taxi travel

Ben writes: Just back from visiting friends in Kigali, Kibungo, Gahini and Rubavu(Gisenyi). Firstly, the book is brilliant - great level of detail, most of which is simply not available anywhere else, including online. A couple of things below which may or may not be useful! Minibus-taxis are now apparently required to have speed limiters … Continue reading Minibus-taxi travel


July 2017 trip report

Claire writes: Thanks for your great guidebooks - always my first stop when planning a trip. I have just returned from Rwanda and had such a wonderful time. I thought you might be interested in a couple of updates:   Butare/Huye  The Shalom Guesthouse in Butare/Huye - although there is a section of the guesthouse … Continue reading July 2017 trip report