Various bits and pieces (March 2016)

Mark Rowlatt writes Wifi Internet If you're travelling with a laptop, it's difficult to find fast speeds in East Africa. Usually, top end hotels come to my rescue whilst nursing an overpriced drink in the bar. In Kigale, the 4G Square centre on the ground floor of Pension Plaza in the heart of the city, … Continue reading Various bits and pieces (March 2016)


Visit to Nyakarimbi

It's certainly worth visiting this craft co-operative, en route between Kigali and Rusumo, to see how the Imigongo paintings are created from start to finish. You can't buy them there, so there's no expectation about that. We were glad to have a Kinyarwanda speaker with us, because no one spoke any other language, and there … Continue reading Visit to Nyakarimbi

Rusumo Falls

Rusumo (page 246) In March it was more brown than white water! But still impressive for Rwanda. We had to go to the Immigration Office to get a permit (no charge) to go onto the bridge. The immigration office was very friendly. At the barrier the policeman took the permit and our passports / ID … Continue reading Rusumo Falls