Updates for Gitarama, Butare, Gikongoro, Nyungwe, Kibuye, Gisenyi, Ruhengeri


-Artificial lake and rice fields near Genocide Memorial invite for a walk


-Nice Cathedral


Omuganda Day: Shops opened very late around 1 or 2 pm and not as we thought at 11 or 12 am

National University Campus has  nice cafeteria (buffet for 1000 Rfr),and the main auditorium has Music and Football (Premier League) in the evenings (we saw it on Saturday and Sunday)

Nice walk: start at the Genocide Memorial, go up to the “forest” and follow the road for a long time. At some point you pass a barrier, we kept going and suddenly saw a big group of Vervet Monkeys.


it took us a long time to find cheap accommodation, but it does exist. We stayed here: Ear Kigeme Diocese, UBUMWE CENTRE, Tel: +250 252 535 425,  7000 Rfr for a twin room with shared facilities, 5000 Rfr for one person, unmarried couples are not allowed to stay in one room

Murambi Memorial: nice walk, a bit less than 1 hour from the city centre, follow the main road (direction Cyangugu) up the hill and turn right at a signpost (Murambi 2,5 km), go downhill and turn left at the roundabout, then turn right into a dirtroad, follow the road for a long time

the Murambi Memorial Centre will open a museum in the end of May – it’s worth a visit

Nyungwe National Park

Gisakura Guest House: double and twin-B&B for 30000 Rfr, Supper 5000

There is another Guesthouse in the Village nearby on the mainroad (left hand side after a bend)

Chimpanzee tracking in Cyamudongo Forest: disappointing, we hardly saw the chimps, make sure to leave in time (4.30 am), we left to late and it was the ranger’s fault


Three guesthouses next to Banque Populaire in a parallel road of the road with petrol station and shops

Peace Lodge in City Centre: 6000 Rfr for a double room

Internet at Business Development Centre only 300 Rfr per hour, pass by hospital, walk another few hundred metres, white building on the left side, the only one around there

We couldn’t find the market, we assume it’s not there anymore


Presbyterian Church Centre d’Accueil: now 8000-10000 for a double room

If you want to go to Rubona, tell the Driver to drop you at “Brasserie”…we said “Rubona” and they dropped us far to early


we couldn’t find Home d’Accueil de Virunga

CINFOP Lodging: rooms are now 10000 for a double with shared facilities, not 5000 as they told us on the phone. We asked of he also has a room for 5000, so we stayed in a shabby, smelly room, with mouldy walls. Apart from that, the bathroom-door didn’t lock properly, I managed to look myself in and couldn’t get out anymore without help


One thought on “Updates for Gitarama, Butare, Gikongoro, Nyungwe, Kibuye, Gisenyi, Ruhengeri

  1. alistair says:

    Home d’Accueil de Virunga is closed. CIFOP do have rooms for 5000.

    I had the same experience at Robuna but if you are staying there ask for the name of the hotel and they will drop you at the door

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