New boutique hotel in Kigali

The management of the new Inside Afrika boutique hotel reports:

INSIDE AFRIKA is a truly Extraordinary Small Luxury Boutique Hotel, gathers together Nine  African heritage Rooms, their handsome interiors gussied up with a bold mix of antique
and modern pieces combining  Rwandese  and other African cultures.
INSIDE AFRIKA is located in upscale Kiyovu overlooking the beautiful  skyline of Kigali, surrounded by many Hotels and Restaurants like hotel Gorilla , Le Pichet, Republika, Indian Khana Khazana and Shokola  etc……


ROOMS: 9 African heritage rooms

RATES: Double rooms from $ 95 per night
(Rates include Continental breakfast)

FACILITIES: Free WiFi throughout,Swimming pool, Flat screen TV with satellite Channels,etc…..

For more details and information please do not hesitate to contact us on numbers below

Boutique Hotel
P.O. Box 1933 Kigali – Rwanda
46 Rue du Lac du Mpanga
Kiyovu – Ville de Kigali
Tel : +250-252578950



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