Eastland Motel, Kayonza

Martin writes: The Eastland Motel in Kayonza is not really as described in your book anymore. We had booked three rooms; two were mouldy. One had only rusty brown water after adjusting a few pipes; my room had just a jerrycan of water, the third room had no water at all. The WiFi was down. … Continue reading Eastland Motel, Kayonza


Kayaking and canoeing trips on Lake Kivu

Steve Venton, Director of Kingfisher Journeys, writes: I recently established Kingfisher Journeys, which offers travellers a range of kayaking adventures on Lake Kivu, departing from Gisenyi and Kibuye, and allows them to explore the impressive lakeshore scenery, to discover birds and wildlife, to see traditional fishing boats in use, and to interact with local  communities. With plans to expand all over Rwanda, we already offer: … Continue reading Kayaking and canoeing trips on Lake Kivu

‘Wild Rwanda’ review

Strongly recommended to all birders and other wildlife enthusiasts visiting Rwanda, Wild Rwanda is an excellent new publication which I reviewed for the Sept/Oct 2016 of African Birdlife. Click here to read a PDF of the review, and see also http://www.birdlife.org.za/publications/african-birdlife