Presidential Palace in Kigali

Mike Culshaw writes: I thought it might be worth updating you on one aspect of your otherwise excellent and generally accurate guide. I visited the Presidential Palace in Kigali today 13th Feb on my last day in Rwanda. I was the only visitor between 10am and 11.15 when I left. I was hoping to spend … Continue reading Presidential Palace in Kigali


Restaurant-Bar Oasis of Peace, Kigali

Pierre Buffiere writes: I’m part of the team of the Restaurant-Bar Oasis of Peace in Kigali in Rwanda. We are currently in full development and we want to make ourselves known. The setting of our restaurant is beautiful: the room is completely open to a large garden with many trees where it is also possible … Continue reading Restaurant-Bar Oasis of Peace, Kigali

MasterCard & ATMs

Noreen writes: I am currently working in Muhanga, Rwanda and have tried a few banks to withdraw cash on my MasterCard. KCB did not work, Visa only. But I have now twice successfully drawn cash from GT Bank's ATM. (We assume this would apply to branches of the same banks in other towns)

Virunga Nation Park (DRC) trip report

For anybody thinking of crossing from Rwanda into the DRC to track gorillas, this detailed & up-to-date trip report on the ThornTree is well worth a read: